Explaining Japan’s feature phone fetish

Sure, you’re probably doing less with a flip phone, but from our unscientific survey of people we spotted using flip phones, that predictable, lengthy battery life was another reason many Japanese weren’t looking to move on to a smartphone. It’s pretty hard to get a stranger to talk about their feature phone, but one “salaryman” said he gave up on his iPhone, returning to his feature phone because he just didn’t trust the phone’s battery to last through the day. For him, he just wanted to make phone calls and send text messages — things that his gara-kei can certainly do. He can survive without an app store, LTE or a touchscreen. Even if we can’t.

via Explaining Japan’s feature phone fetish.

Battery life, one of the toughest question to solve right now for all gadgets. Even in the space of IoT, the question lies in quality battery life. It is hard to expect a user to keep changing or charging the battery just to make a thing at home smarter. I believe the next breakthrough among tech will be on battery.