Moment & Motion

Day 13 of #photo101 brings us to moments.

Movement is a great way to convey time and fleetingness.

Before I shared the photos, I like to share some challenges I’m facing in this Photo 101 challenge.

It is not easy to turn something into an habit. Initially I start out the challenge strong. Making an effort to look out for photo moments that I can shoot so that I could fulfilled the challenge for the day. But on Day 10, I start to lag behind. The good thing is I used the weekend to get back on track.

Finding a moment & motion photo for me was the hardest. I had the plans to take photo of a busy street to create a motion effect of the pedestrians and the cars moving around. So I took this instead.

I took a gif

Gifs, is something I personally really like. It combines moment and motion. Why do I say that, in a very short span of time, you can have a feel on how busy the Singapore downtown Orchard is. (I hope this is not cheating)

Next this is a picture I captured when two kids were playing in the rain. I was trying to capture the impact and the fall of the rainfall while keeping the kids in 1/3 of the picture. What do you think?