Big Buses

Day 7 of #photo101 take us to the topic of Big.

Initially, I find it hard to get such a photo. Because in my mind big is just big, whatelse can it be. But if I start to let my imagination run, big can be anything. Also the tip was to create a wide shot and with subject as the focus. So here is what I come up with.

The slower but also the reliable transportation, the bus. In every country there is a unique design for the buses. I love buses, they carry a special meaning. Sitting on a long journey, it gives you time to think and if you want it gives you the time to do other things. For example, I used to do my homework on the bus ride to school. Best of all, it feels less “rush”, and you enjoy the scenery along the route.

this is over at hougang interchange

a bus leaving the station, trying to capture it in the left sode of the grid

i love this shot, try to have the bus as the subject and the flats behind as the background