This article shares the life after the founder sold “Minecraft” to Microsoft for $2.5B. People say “Money is the root of all evil”, I disagreed. But in my opinion it does changes a person.

The results so far are unimpressive, as he’s mostly acted like a dog chasing cars. When Persson decided to buy a house in Beverly Hills, he went for a $70 million, 23,000-square-foot megamansion, the most expensive home ever in an enclave known for them. He’s become known for spending upwards of $180,000 a night at Las Vegas nightclubs. He and Mojang cofounder Jakob Porsér have started a company called Rubberbrain in case they think of a new game idea–but right now he can’t focus much on any.

Via Inside The Post-Minecraft Life Of Billionaire Gamer God Markus Persson – Forbes

I believe it would be hard for the Minecraft founder to come up with another amazing game like Minecraft again. It’s like having King to create another Candy Crush. The sudden accumulated wealth is driving his focus away and there are many more distractions now.