The train that gets me to work and home

The topic for Day 6 of #photo101 was Connect. And immediately the train station comes to mind. The train station, a place where I spent bulk of my traveling time, getting from home to work and vice versa. 

I believe many of us do not pay much attention to the train station that we used but each MRT station in Singapore is design in a unique way.

The one I’m about to show you is the Macpherson Circle Line station. 

The first 3 photos I used it with WordPress gallery but I find it hard to use. I still prefer to have the photos individually layout and share the story accordingly.

I also started playing with exposure and contrast setting on the iPhone. I have no idea what I’m doing, It seems that I’m making the photos either cooler or warmer.

The last photo I set it to black and white. I always love black and white photo. Although it consists of only two color scheme, it is the hardest kind of photo to capture. I believe a good black and white photograph make use of the lights, contrast and possibly shadow.

   Black and White

What do you think? What is a good / better way to take black and white photos?

On the part about “tagging”, this is a self hosted blog so my tags would not show up on the WordPress reader. This makes me wanting to switch especially has such a strong community where I make new friends and learn new stuff.