Sleep is for the weak?

There is a group of people out there. Roughly 1% of the population that are known as short sleepersThey wake refreshed and energized after just a few hours of sleep, and those who have been studied tend to pack their lives with tasks that they perform well unaided by stimulants or other crutches.

Most of us would love to be short sleepers. This way we can more time to do our own things or work or whatever we want to do. We would be “better” than an average person because we can accomplished more with more hours within a day.

Most importantly, we would not be complaining about “Not enough sleep”. But what about the short sleepers? Since they sleep less, they have more time than us. Do they feel great?

What would you say is the best thing about being a short sleeper?

The best thing is that I have so many more hours in the day to get things accomplished. I still say I wish I had more hours in a day, and I have more hours than most people

via What It’s Like to Need Hardly Any Sleep — Science of Us.

This article interviews a short sleeper and above is a quote from her. I like to share that humans are greedy, when you have an A, you would like to get A+ and when you reach A+, you wish for an A*. This is normal, there is also another greater term for this call “ambition”. This ambition is what drives the many great innovations out there, but ambition and greed is a thin fine line to cross. 

Note to self. The grass is always greener over at the other side but when you reach over, it might be a different shade of green that you are looking for.