Indie App Developers From Singapore

Found this article on MacStories. The author curated a list of 200 indie app developers. The first thing I did when I was going through the list was to search if there were any representing Singapore.

Here at MacStories we write about apps. A lot. Many of those we write about, perhaps even most, are created by individuals and small teams. And typically, those hard-working individuals remain unknown to the public who just know an app as something they use. Today we want to bring a bunch those indie developers to the forefront.

via The World of Indie App Developers – MacStories.

There are 6 of them being listed. #respect

The World of Indie App Developers – MacStories

The author also mentioned that it is not exhaustive. I also believe there are many more indie developers from Singapore still. For example: @ytbryan, Mugunth Kumar and Tian Lye comes to mind. I do not know the whole lot of them but iOS Dev Scout is a great meetup to learn from all these experienced developers.


If you are into app development, this article A Week in the Life of Indie Developers is a must read…. be warn it is a very long post.