Best time to start a business in Singapore, 2015

Jeffrey Paine, co-founder of venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures, said as much: “It’s a good time to be a founder in 2015 . . . startups in Singapore and the region are raising significant amounts of capital, making our region more enticing for investors large and small.”

Via Startups in Singapore kick off new year with a bang, Technology – THE BUSINESS TIMES

I been in my #startuplife for 3 years now and my fellow classmates from Business School have also been working for the same period of time. Towards the end of last year, I started getting questions from friends:

  • how do you start a company?
  • is it easy to raise fund? Don’t think I want/can to go too long without income.
  • is it any idea also okie?
  • does it need to a very technology driven?
  • any investors to Intro?
  • when is it a good time to start?

Most of the time, I throw in 101% of whatever I learn and know about the tech space and share with my friends. I love for them to start something of their own and be successfully.

However, I do caution them is it not easy as it seems. Just like yoga, when you see someone doing a back bend. It doesn’t break a sweat but when you actually do it. You feel like dying.

The question on “when is it a good time to start” – I would reply that I have no idea. If you want you can take the plunge anytime.

The local startup scene has grown to a different stage. It is much better now. Capital are more accessible, Investors are more receptive to crazy ideas and our government are also pushing for it. But do not have those Silicon Valley kind of expectation. We are still some distance from there.

I caught the news reading above. A prominent investors highlighted that 2015 is the year for founders. So dear friends, if you are thinking of starting or building something awesome. This could be the year. But but but, do not start a business simply because it is cool or for that capital. You need to have a meaning / a purpose.