Rule of Thirds

Today’s Tip: As you frame your shot, consider the “Rule of Thirds,” which is a great introductory lesson in composition. Divide your shot into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you get nine parts. Your camera probably has the option to display this grid in your viewfinder or LCD screen.

Via Daily Themes | Photography 101: The Commons

The theme for #photo101 day 5 was Solitude and it just so happen that when I was resting after my run today. There was a cat in solitude, enjoying herself, enjoying the very moment. So I took the opportunity to capture her moment using the rule of third too.

Using the grid of the iPhone, I place the cat at the very top of the frame. This was the wooden plank becomes the focus while the cat kinda of becomes the background. I’m trying to capture the alone and uninterrupted moment. But I’m not sure if I’ve done correctly. So I love to hear your thoughts.

This was taken as a close up and it does not follow the rule of third. Using the grid, I place the cat right in the center of the grid while giving enough space to the surrounding.

I think she notice that  we were taking photos so maybe she starts to stare. Using the grid, I set the cat to be in 50% of the frame, not using the rule of third again 🙂 but hopefully this capture the essence of her sharing “leave me alone”