Be Like Water

Today’s Tip: Ever wonder whether a photograph will work better horizontally or vertically? It’s a great question to ask when looking through your viewfinder! Humans have binocular vision — which means we have two eyes, adjacent to one another — and naturally scan a scene along a horizontal, rather than vertical, plane.

Via Daily Themes | Photography 101: The Commons

Day 3 of my photo101 class. Today’s theme is on water and the tip was to try taking photos in horizontally and vertically. Personally, I’m a fan of or horizontal photos. I like to see more and it just feel better. I would also associate vertical photos to be those ‘zoomed’ in feel, those ‘macro’ style.

I took photos over at MacRitchie Reservoir and it is Singapore’s oldest reservoir. I do my regular weekend runs over there.


The subject in this photo is the canoeist that seems to be searching for something. With her as the focus, I take the put here at the lower third of the photo and trying to have the green as the background. Hopefully this would create a elongated kind of feel which I think would suit photos taken vertically.


After looking up on others Day 3 photos, one of the common theme that I like about water is using reflection as the focus. In this photo, I try to do the same. This was taken at dawn time, because my run starts at 715 so usually I would reach there earlier. The sky is just so beautiful that period of time.