Home is elusive

Home is elusive. When we think about this word, we might picture different physical locations. And while home is often found on a map, it can also be less tangible: a loved one, a state of mind.

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Indeed “Home is elusive”.
I have 2 homes. One is where I stay and sleep another is my office. My office is where I spent the bulk of my time working to make my dreams come true and I like to show you a tour of this home.

you have to take a slow curve walk up to the building where my office is at. sometimes this walk can be quite mediating.

195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace. If you google you will find that this is a national heritage.
it used to be a police station and the offices that we are using now used to be offices for the police
it has a long straight design, you can easily walk through it.
there are many interesting offices here. some are design studio, nail salon, yoga studio, tattoo studio and even a law firm
this is my office, it is at level 2. I have been here for 2 years. 2 years of my startup life. lots of memories.
welcome to my office , it is a bit messy but it is good enough for us 🙂

Finally, I’m using an iPhone 6 plus for the shots and for this #photo101. There are some advanced features that I can used but I have yet to explore them.