Building Blogwith

There is a trend towards transparency.

Many startups now are building their product in the public and many have shared their post on Medium. I too embraced the idea of building a product in the public. I believe it is easier to to get feedback from users and most importantly if you are building shit, the market will make known to you. i.e. No user sign up.

With that in mind, this is the first update I sent to Blogwith beta users.

Hi there

A very good day to you, My name is Bryan and I’m the creator of Blogwith. You are getting this email because you have signup with Blogwith – a service that allows you to publish straight from Evernote.

First of I like to thank you for signing up. Thanks for giving the service a try. This is my first web app and I like to apologise for the bugs and errors.

To the users who have send me the awesome feedback, thank you so much.

Issues (Fixed)

1. Post on WordPress get repeated.

Something like this

This has been solved. I have change to a more dynamic logic. Even if you pull another note from another notebook into BlogwithPublish, it will also be published.

2. ENML rightly processed. No more ‘DIV’

I shared my initial beta release on Google+. One of the comments by Stephan Hovnanian was:

Does it strip out the <div> tags that Evernote automatically adds (instead of <p> tags)?

The reason for this is because:

A &lt;div&gt; is a container.
A &lt;p&gt; is a paragraph. When I’m writing a paragraph of text, and it’s crawled, I want that text to be treated as a paragraph, a part of a large body of text (article, etc), not text inside a container.

This has also been solved. In fact, all the random HTML from ENML have been cleaned up for better SEO.

3. What you type on Evernote is what you get on WordPress

User Helena was very kind to test and even wrote a blog post on Blogwith. She gave several comments but I deem this most important one was:

[Addition directly after publishing the post: Blogwith did not pick up on the blank lines in the post either, except for the ones in the pasted email from Bryan himself, even though here in editing mode in WordPress it looks as if the empty lines should be visible all over. I hope this get’s fixed, because having a full post without empty lines makes it harder to read, in my view. Here’s a tip for you Bryan!]

This was the hardest to fix because Evernote had their own ENML format. But it has been done. So when you type in Evernote, it will be what you see and what you get. There will be a space.

Feature Requests

I have also gotten many feature requests. So I’m going to list them down here. I would be working down the list and update all users accordingly. If you see something that you need and it is not in here, you can also reply to this mail.

  1. Markdown support
  2. Image support
  3. Tagging support
  4. Categories support
  5. Deleting a note will also delete the WordPress post.

Why am I doing this?

I shared that I love writing in Evernote and I like to publish straight from Evernote to save time. This is something that I need.

Also I hope to make this into a small business to support my family. Most importantly, I’m can dedicate more time in all the customer support making writing in Evernote even more awesome for you.

I plan to introduce a premium plan soon but not to worry, all existing users (meaning you and everyone) who is getting this email will have a year of blogwith premium service for free. I have done survey with some of the existing users and have come to a flat fee of $39.00 $29.00 per year. That is less than a cup of coffee for you per month but it means so much to me 😀

If you think this is too much to ask. There will also be a freemium plan available too 😀 Which is that at the end of the post, there will be a posted via Blogwih append to the post.

Currently, I’m moving existing user to premium plan batch by batch. So some users will get access to markdown and image support first 😀