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In 2013, about half of all New Yorkers were single, up from about a third in 1970, according to an analysis of census and other data by Susan Weber-Stoger, a researcher in the sociology department at Queens College. The large number of singles here corresponds to a surge nationally, as more people are waiting to get married, if they do at all. At the same time, older adults are living longer, and often in single households. This, combined with the revitalization of many of America’s cities, has created a housing crunch.

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This trend is also happening in Singapore. I believe it occurs for all developed countries. More singles and looking to live alone. The same is true for older singles. When I read this article, I discover two things. On demand service will be in “demand”, things like Uber for X. Another will be medical, the need for better medical care and devices for tracking their healthy. The key is to tell them the things that they do not know about themselves. That’s where the intelligence comes in.