On China’s Bleeding Edge: Web Design Trends 2015

Websites are so 2010. In 2015, Chinese companies are building light apps, or qing ying yong (轻应用). Light apps are one-off, zero-download, hyper-targeted mini-sites that are typically built (and often animated) with HTML5. Oh sure, they do have a dedicated URL and they’ll load in a desktop browser if you absolutely insist, but they’ll probably look awful on a desktop screen. In some cases, they don’t even function at all after the page loads, given that some of them require swipes to navigate.

Via On China’s Bleeding Edge: Web Design Trends 2015

There is not need to care about desktop in China. It’s mobile only. And I’m guessing this will soon be the case for most Asian countries. I’m pretty sure that Singapore can do the same, ignore the web and go only mobile.