Shipping Culture Is Hurting Us

Why then, are Node.js and MongoDB popular? It is (at least in part) because they appeal to the shipping culture. Both systems give you a lot out of the box, or make it easy to learn the basics. They are easy to set up and start using for your next project. “Who cares if people give them shit on the internet?”, you say. “These tools are working for me right now. They get the job done, and fast. Ship it.”

Via Shipping Culture Is Hurting Us

It is not wrong that the shipping culture is “hurting” is because we are not building the quality kind of software for users. I often have the struggle to change to Postgres because deep down my heart I know that mongodb is not as good. However it does get the job done and fast. If I had use the “more stable” technology stack, I might be wasting more time since I’m not sure if anyone would be intersted in using my server or app.

Why spent 3 weeks to build a product that no one is using even it is build with the most stable technology.

On the other hand, using nodejs and mongodb allow me to ship fast and if the service is proven to be useful and users are willing to pay, it is still not too late to change or migrate. (I heard many stories of painful migration from my friends but personally I think it is worth it)