The Cure For Social Media Itch

starts with writing

I’m experiencing a “news craving” addiction now. I’m on a train making my way to the office. I keep on tapping on different apps, scrolling through reading the headlines aimlessly. Have you experience this kind of behavior before?

In the past, I experienced the “fear of missing out” addiction. I keep checking my phone, always reaching for it whenever there is pocket of time for me to use. I reach a stage where was health issues, because I keep having my head down and it was a strain to my neck and shoulders. I manage to overcome this by deleting the social media apps.

Off it went, Facebook, Flipboard, Reddit and Twitter. I still use the service sometimes but I used it on the desktop. Things start to get better and I can focus better. At one stage, I even deleted my Facebook account but it caused a problem because friends could not reach out to me.

Now, I have the inch for news. When I’m making my way from one place to another, I will scroll through the headlines aimlessly. Sometimes I will download Flipboard, check out the news and only to delete the app after reading.

Than I came to a thought, what if each time I have thoughts and the inch for news, I start writing. I wrote that writing helps me think better so this would be a great opportunity to make use of pocket time.

If you have a certain theme for your blog, this might be tough because you have to write something relevant for your audience. However it would also be interesting if sometimes you write something personal, like this post right now. You give your readers to understand you better.

Most importantly, you bring back what blogging use to be and this is what I’m hopping to achieve. Writing what I want and when I want.