Dan Counsell | Removing Distractions

So yeah, I’m guilty of reaching for my iPhone too often. With friends, during lunch, waiting for the bus, in a taxi, looking after the kids, in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, last thing at night. In any spare moment I’d pick up my iPhone and refresh Twitter, check for new photos on Instagram, read articles I’d saved in Pocket, it was an endless stream of things to fill any gap of time.

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I had the same problem so I did what was required. I deleted the social media apps on my phone, I removed notifications from the chat apps expect for the iMessage. If there is something important, a simple call will reach me. Initially I felt disconnected, but as time passes it becomes better. I felt more productive and the FOMO also seems to go away.

If you are pulling out your phone and always checking even without any notification, maybe it’s time to try disconnecting a little bit. You will feel the different.