Love and yet a little regret getting the iPhone6 Plus.

Where new owners need to think seriously, however, is the design. It isn’t purely about size (the 5.5-inch LG G3 is a delight) but how Apple has paid no regard to how users will hold the phone. The iPhone 6 Plus is unnecessarily large, flat and slippery and you also need to store it with care.

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I believe the author correctly points out the key disadvantage of the iPhone 6Plus. I been using it for about 2 weeks and I’m kinda of regret what I’m getting. sortof

I love the phone. Big screen. first time owning a phablet, jump over from iPhone 5. Great for reading, to a certain extend I’m writing more on the iPhone 6Plus too. The color and photos are amazing too.

However, it is way to “slippery”. It’s flat and its big. Which is an amazing engineering feature but because round edges make hard to simply hold it in one hand with confidence. Many times during that the phone nearly drop while I wan transiting though the train station with the phone in one hand and bag on the other.

There is a solution for this thou. It is simply to get a case for the phone. But personally, I love my phone being naked without the case.