Stop making your home a garbage processing center

Jerry Seinfeld joked about our homes being the “garbage processing center.” It’s funny but I believe it carries a deeper meaning.

Remember that awesome t-shirt that you bought last Christmas, are you still wearing it? or is it chunk up aside in your cupboard?

If it is chunk up aside, have you consider to exchange/sell/give to others who might find it useful. Why are you still keeping it? Is it because you think that one day you might want to wear it again? If your answer is Yes, not to worry because I have the same problem too.

However, with this behaviour we keep stacking and piling up stuff in our homes (stuff that we do not use) turning it into a garbage processing center.

“All things on Earth only exist in different stages of becoming garbage. Your home is a garbage processing center where you buy new things, bring them into your house and slowly crapify them over time,” Seinfeld joked.

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Starting today, Let’s have a pact. Before we buy something this holiday season. Let us think though, Is this a “want” or a “need“?. Let us get only the things we need and not make our home into a garbage processing center

And before I end, I like to wish everyone A Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year.

Jerry Seinfeld Stand-Up – YouTube.