Singapore, A Bit Soulless

Today, Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world. The island is more or less devoid of crime and poverty. When I visit Singapore, I always feel like I’m visiting the future, like what Manhattan should have become. The city is modern, spotless and perfect.

But this appearance of perfection came at a cost. The country is a bit soulless. Everything is designed and catered for financial gain. There’s no history, no identity, no deeper values, no deeper respect for individuals beyond money and productivity.

And so, ironically, what is most impressive and admirable about Singapore, is also what is most depressing about it. It was so driven by necessity to become financially indispensable that it sacrificed its cultural identity in the process.

via 5 Life Lessons from 5 Years of Traveling the World.

Mark Manson, who is an author and personal development consultant wrote about his experience on travelling the world. He visited Singapore and above is the quote about how he feels about it.

As a fellow Singaporean, I hate to agree but there are certainly some truth in it. What do you think?