Landing Page With An Objective

The truth is, it’s easy to fall into this trap. You throw up a landing page and ask for emails right on that first page. As soon as you do that you’ve lost an opportunity for validation. Ask them to click a sign up button at least before giving you their email and you’re doing a little better. Ask them to click a “pricing plans” button, choose a plan and then give their email and you’re actually getting some validated learning. Follow it up with a conversation and you might learn why they gave you their email and whether they truly have the problem you’re solving for.

via How to successfully validate your idea with a Landing Page MVP — Medium.

There are now too many landing pages out there showing “coming soon”. This is sort of becoming useless and when get do I landing site I get switch off.

Joel wrote an interesting article on landing page should be. There should be an objective and that objective is to learn, to learn if someone will be willing to pay for that product.