How to Raise Money

A list of thoughts I learn from the amazing video about “How to raise money”. Although the talk focuses on the environment in Silicon Valley, there are many things that we can learn from it and can apply for all startup context in Asia.

10 things I learn.

  1. People, Product, Profit
  2. Bootstrap as long as you can
  3. When you start a company you have to go find somebody as good or better then you , to be the co-founder
  4. When founders are doing their fund raising, make sure that investors earn their way into your company too
  5. Building a startup is peeling away risk
  6. Each round is to reduce more risk
  7. You must tractions
  8. Be so good they can’t ignore you
  9. Invest in strength versus lack of weakness

via ▶ Lecture 9 – How to Raise Money – YouTube.