Linode, I was wrong

In the last 4 months, I have gotten 6 emails regarding physical hardware issues from Linode. Each email it states the following.

Our administrators have detected an issue affecting the physical hardware your Linode resides on. We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and will update this ticket as soon as we have more information.

Linode Support Tickets

  • Linode Support Ticket 3336524 – July 21
  • Linode Support Ticket 3338285 – July 21
  • Linode Support Ticket 3465308 – Aug 29
  • Linode Support Ticket 3524359 – Sep 14
  • Linode Support Ticket 3591732 – Oct 1
  • Linode Support Ticket 3618460 – Oct 7

I trusted you, Linode

When I first started using the service in 2013 I did not encounter any of such frequent disruption. Although I’m running a small business, it is still a business. These disruptions do affect my clients and my responsibility to them.

I’m not sure if this is due to the upgrade that was announced in April this year but these issues started surfacing after the upgrades. It is amazing that Linode is providing all these upgrades free to their customers but if reliability becomes an issue, doesn’t that defeat the purposes?

Maybe I was wrong

As of the last incident on Oct 1, the total as per your calculation was 1.5hrs. Maybe I was wrong to ask for 2 months of refund, but I like to highlight that it is not the short duration of disruption that affects us. Is is the frequent short disruption

Furthermore that the $5 compensation that your staff Soh offered, I feel like I’m being insulted. Yes, I no Facebook or any super-star startups out in the Tech world so even you lose me as a customer, it does not make a big difference to you.

I do not know how exactly do you calculate the time. But let’s take the incidents that happened in July 21.

  • July 21, 1036: Linode sent an email that said “Our administrators have detected an issue affecting the physical hardware your Linode resides on.”…. blah blah blah
  • July 21, 1107: Linode sent an email again “We have resolved the issue at this time, and your Linode will return to its last state shortly (running or powered off). There is no need to issue boot jobs for your Linode at this time…” blah blah blah
  • July 21, 1919: Linode again sent Our administrators have detected an issue affecting the physical hardware your Linode resides on."…. blah blah blah
  • July 21, 1928: You sent me a fucking long explanation. In it “Your Linode has been entered into a migration queue and it will be moved to its new hardware shortly. Your Linode will be cleanly shut down, migrated to its new hardware, and then returned to its last state; you will not be required to manually power on your Linode. You can monitor your position in the migration queue in the Linode Manager. The migration process can take up to 2–3 minutes per GB of disk images.”

You put us into a migration queue, it is like telling me. “Later I will power off you for a while, because I need to migrate you, after that you will be alright. but I do not know when is your turn, you have just have to queue”

Maybe a business with enough budget might shift to an alternative production server but unfortunately I do not have. Do you know how fucking painful was that wait. This same situation occurred in Oct 1, we have an app submission in review. What if coincidentally, when you are doing the migration and Apple was doing our app review, they might think our app have an issue because our server was not responding.

It’s easy for you to give me $5 and think you have taken care of your customers. But the truth is, you have not. I was wrong to think that Linode takes care of small businesses.