Not Everyone Loves Energy Conservation

Not Everyone Loves Energy Conservation

As I read this article of Elon Musk who needs no introduction to his projects and plan to bring people to the space. This particular paragraph speaks to me.

Musk has been pushing this line – Mars colonisation as extinction insurance – for more than a decade now, but not without pushback. ‘It’s funny,’ he told me. ‘Not everyone loves humanity. Either explicitly or implicitly, some people seem to think that humans are a blight on the Earth’s surface. They say things like, “Nature is so wonderful; things are always better in the countryside where there are no people around.” They imply that humanity and civilisation are less good than their absence. But I’m not in that school,’ he said. ‘I think we have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness, to make sure it continues into the future.’ via Link

He has be pursing something that sometimes most people does not deem necessary or simply do not care. This is similar to what we are experiencing now at Intraix. We are doing what we are doing for a reason. The need to have tangible energy saving, the goal to make people care.