Extensibility to change your workflow in iOS 8

Extensibility to change your workflow in iOS 8.

The author shares some interesting thoughts about why iOS 8 will be a big deal to educators. I believe the most impactful will be extensibility because it will change lots of current workflow.

Extensibility is going to open up a whole new range of workflows in iOS 8 and, most importantly, make them accessible and understandable to ordinary users. I cannot overstate its importance: extensibility will enable us to stop having those awkward “there’s no way to do that on iOS” conversations. If there isn’t a way, developers can now make one. link

The challenge here is “only the developers choose to make one”. And I would think the chances are high, because it would also increase the uptake of the app itself. For example, I can saved straight to Evernote from Safari, no more “add to reading list” which is a big plus for me.