The love for typewriter by Tom Hanks

A Typewriter App crafted by Tom Hanks. It's only for the iPad, I tried it and it is amazing. The sound of old school typewriter is makes me want to keep on writing on and on.

While the app is free, typewriter fans can purchase different typewriters – each that have a different sound, feel and features. The app was not intended as a toy but as a tool, according to USA Today. Hence the inclusion of the delete button and the ability to forward documents on to others. “He mainly said, ‘Don’t make it gimmicky’”, the app’s designer, Stuart Westphal of Hitcent tells the paper. “Tom wanted people to want to sit down and write a poem or screenplay with it.” link

I wonder if there is a similar application for developers because the current solution is only to get a mechanical keyboard but the sound is nothing comparable to a typewriter.