Shipping Weekly

The author shares the importance of shipping your app regularly so that you can get more relevant feedback. He suggested that shipping could be idea and wrote out his thoughts in the article. Here is the gist.

Less frequent than weekly diminishes the return. Too many changes in one build diffuses the focus. It becomes much harder for testers to focus on specific changes. Resulting in broader feedback. A longer release cycle also mean there is more available time to finish. It will slow down the pace because, as said before, work fills the available time. Releases are always at least a little bit stressful. Reducing the frequency of builds makes it far too appealing to slack off the week after. via Link

As developer starting out, I feel that weekly updates might be a little tough, especially if you are an indie developers or working on the a side project. However, the problem of “let me perfect this feature first” will be solved because you are “tight down”by a certain dateline.