Successful Open Source Projects Come From Contributors

I learn Objective C from Cong and JavaScript from Chris. When ExpressJs came out I was super thrilled because I could have a framework to make simple web app. Moreover, it was pretty easy to set up.

The thing about successful open source projects is that their success doesn’t come from the project creator, but from the contributions and adoption of its community. Express’ success has much more to do with the people who chose to use it than the work of one individual, even if he “is responsible for ~95%+ of the project”. Via link

ExpressJs is an active open-source project. Which also means that there are many contributors to it, which is awesome in a way with the frequent update.

But recently ExpressJs changed hands. From the lead project author to StrongLoop. Personally I think it is good, especially with full-time staff from StrongLoop looking after the project. But the part where the lead author gets compensation seems a bit “funny”.

Nonetheless, I benefited lots of ExpressJs and I thank all the contributors for their hard work.