Building Startup Is A Long Game

Lucas Carlson, CEO of @AppFog wrote a post titled How Do I Cope With Startup Envy? on medium1. I read it and I think it is an amazing piece that all entrepreneurs should read.

Here is my favorite paragraph.

Fortunes come and go. Building startups is a long game. It is not long on money. You might win money in one startup, then invest it all and lose it the next startup. Startups are long on character. This is the dirty little secret nobody tells you up front: the spoils go to those left standing. By Lucas Carlson

Sometimes I feel the same too. I envied why other startups/entrepreneurs are performing better than me, especially the ones in the same space. Sometimes this feeling overwhelms me and I feel like a failure. Usually at these kind of moments, I would head out for a long run and clear my mind.

The things that are happening to others are external factors that I cannot control. So why do I have to get so frustrated about it? Instead I start to think why is xxx performing better than me? Why is yyy raising at a higher valuation than me? Is it because they have a better product? a better sales team? better growth hacking tactics?

As entrepreneurs, I believe we should be open-minded to learn from other people’s success and at the same time focus on the things that we can control. We can find out the things that others are doing better than us, learn and applied it within our context. I learn that by focusing on the things we can control and change, the result will indirectly affect the external factors.

And this also brings me to this week’s sharing, the bootstrapping myth.

  • There is only one 37signals.
  • The grass is always greener at the other side.
  • There are no shortcuts to building a great business.

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  1. I caught this post from Jeff Paine’s. He is one of the leading VC in Singapore and making a big change in the Asia startup scene.