Nightly Jun 27

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  2. The Bosslist: A weekly newsletter about building an online business and it is curated by a bunch of creative entrepreneurs who been through SHIT.
  3. Amazon: Amazon will be working with Infosys in india to help get Indian companies online. As of 2013, e-commerce only contributed less than 1% to the India’s economy but this is expected to grow up to 4% by 2020.
  4. comScore: According to comScore latest report, it estimates that 60% of digital time was spent on mobile devices. And amazingly, Facebook alone accounted for 24% of all mobile time. Who says no one is using Facebook.
  5. Facebook: Facebook is fighting a US court order in which it was forced to hand over data belonging to almost 400 people involved in a benefit fraud trial.
  6. Google: Google has found an interesting way to pair Chromecast streaming sticks with mobile devices that are not on the same Wi-Fi network. The pairing is done through inaudible, ultrasonic sounds but to enable this Chromecast owners have to first allow support for nearby devices.
  7. Google: This 3min video covers some of Google’s latest OS Android L which is in developer preview. It sure looks pretty sleek and if you’ve got a Nexus 5 or 7, you’re good to go. Download Link
  8. React: React, a LA-based selfie-centered messaging app launched in Japan. The app turns selfies into sticker emoticons that can be sent along with your messages. The app currently has more than 200,000 registered users.
  9. Moto 360: Although I a big Apple fan, but Moto 360 looks really awesome and I really want one. So much more awesome than Samsung Gear
  10. Spotify: Spotify has claimed the crown of being Australia’s most popular music-streaming service. Note: Australians spend on average 109 minutes a day on Spotify.
  11. Yahoo!: Yahoo looking to drop $250 million to buy Fullscreen, a company which creates content for YouTube channels. This could hint that the YouTube clone from Yahoo could be coming soon.
  12. YouTube: A bunch of new features are coming onto YouTube. All these features are targeted at creators. My favourite feature: Audio Library now adds sound effects, so creators can add royalty-free sound effects into their works. Important: if you are a YouTube creator you should read this.
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