Nightly Jun 26

  1. Sponsored Link: Fancy getting your selfie photos drawn into face portraits? Now with Chop Block, you get your face stamped on anything! Letters, Christmas cards and even wedding invites. Each of these stamps are drawn by talented artists to ensure that product you get is unique and original. Leave a deep impression with Chop Block now.
  2. The Bosslist: A weekly newsletter about building an online business and it is curated by a bunch of creative entrepreneurs who been through SHIT.
  3. Amazon: Amazon is now into food delivery services. Think Foodpanda it works the same. The service is only available in selected US cities.
  4. aiYo: By now you should have heard about “Yo”, the messaging app that allows you to message friends with the word “Yo” and that’s it. Now there is similar one coming out from Bangalore, India. It just exactly the same thing, except it is sound “aiYO”. aiYO basically means bummer in South India and the app has seen about 500 installs so far on Play Store.
  5. Apple: Apple updated its iPod touch lineup. The basic iPod touch with 16 gigabytes of storage now costs $199 and comes with a rear camera. The 32- and 64-gigabyte iPod touch prices have been reduced to $249 and $299 respectively. My thoughts: I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch to act an a camera. What do you think?
  6. Baidu: In China, Baidu is top source for Android app downloads this is partly because Google Play is blocked in China. According to a data obtained by China’s Analysys International, Chinese mobile device owners downloaded 23.4 billion apps during the first quarter of 2014 and 41% comes from Baidu’s app distribution channels.
  7. Barnes & Noble: Barnes & Noble’s lost making Nook business will be spun off at Nook Media independent of Barnes & Noble. This decision actually sends the stock price up as much as 10.6 percent to a year high when announced.
  8. Google I/O: If you missed the 2 hours Google I/O keynote, here is a 9 min condensed version from The Verge. The highlight of the event was on Android and here is a summary list for your easy reading.
  9. Google: Of all the Google I/O announcements, I love this the most. You can now edit Microsoft Office documents in Google Docs without any messy file conversions. Google Slides is also coming to iOS.
  10. Google: Google is dropping the profile photo and circle count from the search listings where authorship is assigned to a web page. Google says it is to make the information less clutter but I think we all know the problem lies with Google+? Maybe not that many people was motivated to set up an account and upload their profile?
  11. Google: Chrome OS will soon be able to run native Android apps.
  12. GoPro: Wearable sports camera maker GoPro’s IPO at $24 per share giving it a valuation up to $2.96 billion.
  13. SoundCloud: My favourite music service SoundCloud released a revamped iOS app. The app looks much more cleaner and the standard controls like Play, Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind are replaced with gestures. I’m loving it. Here my is of my favourite playlist.
  14. Thanks for reading!