Nightly Jun 23

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  2. Amazon: Have you wonder why Amazon wanted to come up with their own brand of phone? The New York Times had a conversation with Jeff Bezos about the device and Amazon’s goals in the smartphone business. Spolier: There was no straight answer from Jeff. He just work his way around the questions.
  3. Apple: iPhone manufacturing partner Foxconn is in the process of hiring 100,000 new workers in order to ramp up iPhone 6 production. According to the report, Foxconn is reportedly responsible for producing 70% of iPhone 6 orders and the mass production is expected to start in July. My thoughts: What will happen to the 100,000 new workers when the production is finished?
  4. Esurance: Auto insurance firm Esurance rejects two “fraudulent claims” in San Francisco per week filed by rideshare drivers. The reason behind was because Esurance could not differentiate when a commercial and personal activities begin and end for the rideshare drivers.
  5. Google: There is a new Chromebook in town and it is NOT running on an Intel chip. Acer Chromebook CB5 features a Tegra K1 CPU with 4GB RAM, a 32GB SSD and a 13.3-inch HD display. No launch date or pricing were given.
  6. Google: Google I/O will be happening June 25th. It is Google’s biggest event of the year kinda of like Apple’s WWDC. The Verge came up with a detail review on what to expect from Google I/O. There will be three key focus: Android Wear, Self-Driving cars and Android@Home.
  7. Hailo: Hailo, another App-based taxi services launched in Manchester despite the anger and frustration from cab drivers. Note: Uber launched a month earlier in Manchester too.
  8. Microsoft: Microsoft launches Interflow, a security and threat information exchange platform for professionals. It’s like a social network for security personnel, nothing that you and I would use on a daily basis.
  9. South Korea: The debate surrounding video games has escalated due to the South Korean government’s impending Game Addiction Law, which would see games regulated like drugs or alcohol. Note: You can get a bachelor’s degree in e-Sports in South Korea. Video game addiction can kill: A man addicted to video games let his 2-year old son die of starvation.
  10. WeChat: China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) came up with new figures showing that people in China send an average of 39.8 text messages per month – which is barely more than one per day. The root cause – WeChat, think Whatsapp for China.
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