Nightly Jun 13 Special Weekend Edition

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  2. Analytics: Analysts from Strategy Analytics reported that although mobile users are spending most of their time on Facebook, YouTube and Messaging apps, there are some niche segments that has no clear leader. They are LifeStyle, Productivity, and News, Weather & Sports. If you an indie app developer, you might like to look into this area.
  3. Apple: If you got your iPhone from Europe, there is a chance that you might have a faulty power adapter. The model number for the faulty adapter is “A1300”. Apple has announced that they will be replacing it for free.
  4. Bitcoin: The US government will auction $18 million worth of the virtual currency Bitcoin, which was seized by the FBI when it shut down the Silk Road online marketplace in October last year.
  5. China Mobile: The largest mobile carrier in China reported that they have now 6.6 million users on their 4G network. Although the 4G customers currently account for less than 1 percent of the total subscribers, they contribute 10% of total mobile data traffic, and 3 times ARPU as other users.
  6. Facebook: The latest Facebook Messenger update lets you “Like” things even more emphatically, as well as recording 15-second video messages right there in the app. Kinda of like Snapchat isn’t it?
  7. Google: A rumour is going around that Google is planning to launch a new service called Google Fit. It is to to collect and aggregate data from popular fitness trackers and health-related apps. It is also Google’s answer to Apple’s health kit.
  8. Google: Google Now, if authorised, can now pull information from a user’s Gmail conversation threads that detail any outing or planned event, and automatically create a reminder card that the user can view. Not much view on this, but Google certainly knows more about you that you knowing about yourself.
  9. Tesla: CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is an inspiration. He announced that Tesla is making all of its patents freely available on a good-faith basis so anyone can take advantage of it and help build the next better electric cars. This will push up competitions and also opens up a brand new era in the transportation industry where car manufacturer kept their patents tightly.
  10. Twitter: Twitter for iOS adds translation and the service is powered by Bing.
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