Nightly Jun 12

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  2. AdAge: A couple of guys created a network of 300 sites and have the sites flooded with bot traffic. They then sell the advertising space on these sites to global brands and was making at least $1.5 million dollars a month before getting caught. If you are in the space of Ad-tech you should read this. Note: most of the Internet traffic are fake.
  3. Apple: A developer has discovered in iOS 8 that there is a feature to allow apps to be resized to take up a smaller portion of the screen. This could be a hint that Apple is considering split-screen multitasking, which many people are asking for.
  4. BitTorrent: The company released an internal alpha of its server-less chat app. The goal is to have a chat app that is private and secure. The messages are transmitted via an encrypted peer-to-peer network that the user trust. FYI: The company also has a “Dropbox” like app called “BitTorrent Sync”.
  5. Expedia: A big news in the Bitcoin community, because now they can make travel booking via Expedia using Bitcoin.
  6. Facebook: The social media giant is going to allow users to alter their Ad profiles. This means if you don’t like an ad, you will be able to tell the social network what types of marketing messages you would rather see. On the other hand, Facebook is extending its users activity tracking to cater for more targeted ads. They do this by tapping on data it already collects from people’s smartphones and other websites they visit.
  7. Google: The search giant introduced “Google My Business”, an Android app dedicated for small businesses. Users can update their business info through the app and even manage the Google+ page. iOS app to be released soon.
  8. Home Automation: A report by Bloomberg says companies can identify the brands of appliances people are using and create detailed marketing profiles by harvesting smart-meter data. With deeper analysis, the data could also be mined to determine users’ viewing habits – not just that people are watching TV, but which programs they’re watching, down to individual scenes at specific times.
  9. Microsoft: To make your Smartphone last longer, it is NOT to have a bigger battery but to have Two batteries in one phone. Microsoft has now a team testing out the dual batteries concept. One would be optimized to efficiently provide a large supply of current, for example when a person is playing games on a phone. The other would be designed to trickle out smaller currents, such as when a phone is idle. It is expected to to improve battery life 20% to 50% more.
  10. MasterCard: MasterCard Inc, the world’s second-largest debit and credit card company is selling your spending behaviour data to retailers, banks and governments. This business model brings them $341 million in revenue just the first quarter of 2014 alone. Note: I will buy this stock.
  11. Samsung: The company launched so many models of S5 that I am confused. There is a leak photo of Samsung Galaxy F previously Galaxy S5 Prime. There are not much difference to Galaxy S5, just shaper resolutions, more ram and optical image stabilization support added to the camera.
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