Nightly Jun 11

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  2. Amobee: Amobee, the mobile advertising arm of Singapore’s largest telco has announced that it will acquire two other digital advertising firms, Adconion and Kontera, for US$235 million and US$150 million respectively. Interesting data point: SingTel has earmarked US$1.6 billion to acquire companies to boost its digital businesses, this is just the tip of the ice-berg for acquisitions.
  3. Apple: Apple has expanded the content available on iTunes Radio with a new ESPN Radio station and more than 40 local National Public Radio (NPR) stations. Currently this service is only available for users registered in the US, but you can get it too if you get a US iTunes account. Instructions
  4. Alibaba: China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba has launched an American shopping website called 11 Main. The site will be selling products ranging from clothing and interior goods to arts and crafts. In addition, to draw on more merchants, 11 Main will also half the commission of its competitors. Etsy is currently charging 3.5% for selling an item.
  5. Google: Google announced it will acquire satellite imaging startup Skybox Imaging for $500 million. Skybox offers high definition images and footage of Earth using custom built lightweight satellites. Unlike traditional satellites, these micro-satellites are built with off the shelf components making them more affordable. My thoughts: Maybe Google can leverage on these micro-satellites to bring Internet access to the most remote areas of the world.
  6. Home Automation: In coming years, your smartphone will be able to lock your house, turn on the air conditioning and even check whether the milk is out of date. However this also opens up security issues which could introduce hackers into your home. This article shares four incidents that happened lately.
  7. Nintendo: Nintendo’s announced its own platform for NFC-enabled figurines called “amiibo”. The figurines have their own chips and will transfer and store two-way data turning them into interactive action figures built to interact with a variety of Nintendo games. No details on the pricing were given but it is expected to be out this holiday.
  8. SwiftKey: The popular predictive keyboard app for Android is now free. Instead of charging you up front to get the app, it charges you for themes. If you had paid for SwiftKey, company is giving you a package of themes worth $5 for free. My thoughts: If you own an Android, you should download it now because you and I know that the default keyboard is really bad.
  9. Uber: Taxi drivers in London and other big European cities are preparing to go on a strike in protest of Uber, the private hire service launching its service. However, Uber has came up with a neat trick to offer a service called UberTAXI and it lets users book and pay for a black cab directly through the Uber app.
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