Nightly Jun 05

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  2. Alibaba: The Chinese Internet giant bought a 50% stake in China’s Guangzhou Evergrande soccer team for $192 million. This is the company’s latest move to expand beyond its traditional e-commerce business into entertainment. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said “I think not understanding soccer doesn’t matter. I also didn’t understand retail, e-commerce or the Internet, but that didn’t stop me from doing it anyway,”. My thoughts: this is the man that all entrepreneurs should learn from.
  3. Amazon: Amazon released a video about a device that will be unveiled on June 18 in Seattle. Tech medias are speculating that the event will likely unveiled an Amazon-brand 3D phone. Find out what these Amazon customers are talking about here.
  4. China: China’s CCTV, one of its propaganda channel broadcast a strongly critical story in which experts suggests that Windows 8 is developed to spy on Chinese citizens.
  5. Google: Simplocker is an Android ransomware that scans and encrypts victims’ SD memory cards data before demanding payment to decrypt it. The app is asking for $21 to decrypt victims’ files, directing them to the MoneXy transfer service. The app is currently active in the Ukrainian region and is NOT found on Android’s official Google Play Store. My thoughts: Be especially careful when downloading Android apps.
  6. GoPro: GoPro announced it is hiring former Microsoft Executive Vice President and Skype CEO Tony Bates as its new president. My thoughts: This is a typical move for a young company that is preparing for its IPO. It needs to presents itself to potential investors as a company ready to handle the public markets.
  7. Pebble: The smartwatch company released version 2.2 of the Pebble Firmware. You can now begin sorting a menu item on the watch and change the volume of whatever it is you’re listening to.
  8. PWC: A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) says that revenue for online streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify will outstrip physical media in 2016. The same will also happen for ebooks as it is expected to overtake printed books as the UK’s most popular reading format by 2018. The study only applies to western markets.
  9. Twitter: The rumour about Twitter buying SoundCloud is back.
  10. Youtube: The new update for YouTube on Android allows you to select the exact streaming quality. The list of resolutions starts from 144p to 720p, there is also an Auto mode available.
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