Nightly Jun 02

  1. WWDC 2014: Apple’s WWDC 2014 will broadcast Live at Singapore Time 1am. There are also no much tech news today because most of the tech medias are focusing on Apple’s grand event.
  2. Asus: Asus unveils a Windows-Android device that is a laptop, tablet and smartphone all at once.The design is such that the laptop has a detachable 12.5-inch screen that becomes a separate tablet, and a five-inch smartphone that docks into the tablet. As a laptop it runs on Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 KitKat, while as a tablet you can switch between the two OS.
  3. Computex: Computex, one of the world’s largest technology conferences, takes place in Taiwan this week. It is expected to draw 1,700 companies and some 130,000 visitors to Taipei. The show places it focus on PC gaming with lots of motherboards, memory and other high-end components on display.
  4. Google: Google is planning to drop more than $3 Billion on 180 satellites that will offer internet access worldwide from space. Each satellite weights less than 250 pounds each. The goal is to offer internet in unconnected parts of the world and improves people’s lives said a Google spokesperson.
  5. Microsoft: According research firm Net MarketShare, Windows 8.1 has now 6.35% global desktop market share while Windows 8 managed a slimmer 6.29% for the month of May.
  6. Music: Jules decided that he needs to take a break from his college finals so he together an epic 17-minute performance of music to pay tribute to 40-plus years of gaming history. If you played Tetris, you need to watch this.
  7. Videocast: Launchbyte did a live show with Weileen from LeanMetrics and the hosts from Tomboy Tarts talking about how to grow your podcast with SEO?
  8. Secret: The original anonymous social sharing app Secret has launched in China. Note: There is an exact clone in China doing the same thing.
  9. Times Internet: Times Internet, the online subsidiary of The Times of India Group has acquired a majority stake in CouponDunia, a site that specializes in online discount vouchers that can be used on local ecommerce sites such as Flipkart, Amazon India, and Foodpanda. No figures were given.
  10. Youtube: Remember Gangnam Style? It just became the first video to pass 2 billion YouTube views and it is still growing.
  11. How was your weekend? Did you try to go social media free for a day? I tried it on Saturday and it was amazing. I have more time, pay attention to the surrounding and feeling less FOMO.