9 Things You Need To Know About WWDC 2014

  1. OS X 10.10 – Yosemite: New look and think of all the features you love from Alfred (the productivity launchbar), Evernote’s Skitch (the ability to markup pdfs and images) and Dropbox all build into this new OS. Best of all, It is Free.
  2. Instant Hotspot: Let iDevices talk to Mac, resume your work at the point you left off.
  3. You can now make phone call with your MacBook, but it needs to be connected to your iPhone.
  4. iCloud Drive: $0.99 for 20GB, behaves just like Dropbox and cheaper.
  5. App Store: Improvements in search functions, so you can find the app you always wanted.
  6. For Developers: Ability to sell bundle apps in App Store, add short videos to app preview, adds cross interaction between apps (Think Facebook app link) and free Test Flights!
  7. Apple released new programming language – Swift and the e-book is out too.
  8. Users to expect more apps coming into your notification screen with widgets, and much more interactive.
  9. Scenekit, Spritekit, extensibility, cloud kit, home kit (think Home Automation), health kit (think fitbit, Jawbone, Nike Fuel band all together) and new Xcode 6.

image credit : http://arstechnica.com