Nightly May 29

  1. Sponsored Link: PixaRoll is a mobile app that transforms your Instagram and phone photos into prints and magnets! They are having 15% off magnet sets for the month of May. Just key in the code “MAD” to receive the discount off your bill at the checkout page. Get the apps here: iOS, Android.
  2. Apple: Apple is buying Beats Electronics. It is no longer a speculation but a fact. Some sites are speculating that Apple is buying Beats for the music streaming service which currently has 250K paying customers. For comparison purpose, the music streaming leader Spotify has 10 million paying customers. So why Beats, Apple?
  3. App Annie: App analytics company App Annie has purchased competitor Distimo to establish a foothold in Europe. The company also raised $17 million to finance part of the deal. The combined company has 240 employees and nearly 600,000 apps running their service.
  4. China: According to Strategy Analytics, China will overtake the U.S. to become the world’s largest mobile phone market by revenue for the first time this year. The forecast highlights that the mobile phone sales in China will rise to 430 million units in 2014 driven by the country’s rapid shift to 3G and 4G smartphones. However in profit terms, the U.S. remains by the far the world’s No. 1.
  5. Dropbox: The cloud storage company has reached 300 million users. I’m one of them. If you are wondering if they will start cutting their prices because the rest of the competitions are doing that, the answer is No.
  6. eSports: The highest paid competitive gamer in South Korea make $103,794 per annual. Interesting data points, Two South Koreans, three Chinese, and one Malaysian make up half of the pro-gaming top 10 in 2014; South Korea still ranks the highest in country earnings.
  7. GrabTaxi: Malaysia-based GrabTaxi, which runs an app-connected taxi booking service, has secured $15 million in series B funding led by GGV Capital. Note: Last month they just announced their Series A.
  8. Podcast: This week, Chris and I shares our view on the coup in Thailand and how social media is affecting the situation. We also talked about Facebook is rolling out a “Privacy checkup” feature. If you have a moment, I love hear your honest opinions about how we do for the podcast.
  9. Microsoft: Microsoft announced that there will be an update for Surface Pro 3 to fix a battery charging issue. The update comes even before the Surface Pro 3 starts shipping. This is not a joke ^^
  10. Pocket: Pocket, a free service that allows you to saved online articles to its app and read it later has introduced a premium subscription. The plans starts from $4.99/month or $44.99/year. The premium feature includes the ability to store a permanent copy of the articles, better search and suggested tags. I’m quite happy with the free service so I will not be paying at the moment.
  11. Samsung: Samsung reveals Simband and Sami health platform. Both products are open-sourced. The Simband is a device that uses different wavelengths of light beamed at your skin to track multiple measures of its wearer’s health continuously, such as blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, hydration level, and the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood. Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions aka SAMI is the platform designed to store all the data collected by devices such as Simband. The ability to shows beats-per-second does makes me excited about Simband.
  12. Uber: The popular ridesharing service will now be pre-install on your phone if you get it from AT&T.
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