Nightly May 28

  1. Sponsored Link: PixaRoll is a mobile app that transforms your Instagram and phone photos into prints and magnets! They are having 15% off magnet sets for the month of May. Just key in the code “MAD” to receive the discount off your bill at the checkout page. Get the apps here: iOS, Android.
  2. Alibaba: Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba announced today that it has purchased a 10 percent stake in SingPost, Singapore’s national postal service, for $250 million.
  3. Apple: Yesterday, a number of Australian users reported finding their iCloud connected devices locked, with a message asking for money. Apple responded and said that that iCloud was not compromised, and users should change their Apple ID password. *The root cause of the attack has yet to be identified.
  4. Bitcoin: Bitcoin Indonesia and Coin Of Sale, a Bitcoin point-of-sale system, are looking to turn Bali into a haven for Bitcoin users. They are looking to introduce Bitcoin ATMS in the Airport and on-boarding more merchants to accept Bitcoin.
  5. Google: Google released its Self Driving Car prototype. It has no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedals and it look very much like a toy car. The speed is capped at 40km/h. Google is expecting to produce one to two hundreds of these. No words if it would be on sale.
  6. Microsoft: Microsoft Surface Pro drops £150 in UK ahead of Surface Pro 3 release. No details if this price drop with come to Asia but I’m guessing very likely.
  7. Spotify: Music streaming servicem, Spotify got hacked today. The good news is no password, financial or payment information were compromised as stated in the article. If you are using Spotify on Android, please update now for the security patch and reset your password. While those using desktop, iOS and Windows Phone apps will likely be prompted to re-enter their password.
  8. Thailand: Facebook was blocked in Thailand for 90mins today. Starting 3.30 PM local time, users could not log on to the popular social network, creating an uproar amongst the citizens. However, Twitter was doing fine so everyone jump over. No official words on why did it happen, local media are speculating the military’s doing.
  9. Yahoo: Yahoo’s Youtube clone will apparently launch this summer. The company is reportedly working to lure some of YouTube’s biggest celebrities away with the promise of better ad-revenue deals. No word on who those stars may be, and it’s also unclear how Yahoo will differentiate its platform beyond just a simple YouTube clone.
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