Nightly May 26

  1. Sponsored Link: PixaRoll is a mobile app that transforms your Instagram and phone photos into prints and magnets! They are having 15% off magnet sets for the month of May. Just key in the code “MAD” to receive the discount off your bill at the checkout page. Get the apps here: iOS, Android.
  2. Apple: Apple opens office in Jakarta, Indonesia. No details about an official Apple Store for Jakarta.
  3. Apple: Apple posted two new iPad ads last weekend. The first highlights how you can be using iPad for composing. The second shows the work of traveling writer, who is unable to hear, uses the iPad as a navigation tool.
  4. Bitcoin: Watch Dogs, a game torrent is suspected of installing bitcoin mining malware on the computers of thousands of unsuspecting users. If you use Watch Dogs, be sure to uninstall just to be safe.
  5. Kakao: The Whatsapp for Korea, Kakao has merged with Daum (the Yahoo! for Korea) to become one of South Korea’s largest Internet companies.
  6. Mini: The new Mini Cooper Roadster is a beast. It is also electric-powered. I had to share this.
  7. Samsung: WSJ reports that Samsung will be launching a smartwatch that works as a stand-alone phone. Most probably the smartwatch will be running its Tizen operating system, the centerpiece of Samsung’s push into software to better compete with Apple and Google.
  8. TCL: TCL, the China-based consumer electronics giant is partnering with Twentieth Century Fox as a sponsor to premiere the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. This is a bold move as the company steps into the digital entertainment marketing business.
  9. Uber: The on-demand car service Uber is reported to be valued at $17 billion. Just last summer it was valued at 3.5 billion. Uber’s valuation now exceeds Xiaomi, Dropbox and SpaceX in the billion-dollar startup club.
  10. Whisper: The anonymous social network raised another $36 million. In this latest round, the Chinese Internet giant Tencent is also involved. Interesting data point is that Tencent also funds Snapchat and Kakao Talk, an IM service widely popular in Korea.
  11. Yelp: Yelp is adding a new video feature to its app that will let users upload short clips in the same way that they would upload photos.
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