A Book A Month Challenge

Time really does fly. Its end of May already. Before you know it, it will be December. Remember the goals that you set at the start of the year, how is it coming along? I set out a-book-a-month challenge and I’m quite happy with the result. However I did not manage to write out the book reviews I wanted to (only wrote one).

Here’s a list of what I read so far:

  1. Hatching Twitter: Read if you like Game of Thrones, because this version is for nerds.
  2. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos is truly an ambitious person and that is the characteristic that builds Amazon. Read to learn how Jeff sets his long term vision and being focus on only one thing, creating the next Walmart online.
  3. David and Goliath: Amazon has a good review, but personally I think it is a bit overrated and dry. The early part of the book is exciting because it talks about the story of David and Goliath. The later part are all case studies with research finding. Read if you like understand how small can win big.
  4. Remote: This is a book my favourite company, 37 Signals. Read this book no matter what, it will change your mind about having employees coming into the office behaving like Zombies. I’m bias.
  5. Lean Analytics: Currently reading.

Do you have any books recommendation for me? I been hearing about how awesome the book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz, if you have read this book, I love to hear your views.

Note: The amazon links are affiliate links, if you purchase an item from the link I get a small cut ^^