Nightly May 22

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  2. Amazon: Download 5 free apps from Amazon Appstore and get $10 in Amazon Coins. Not sure why they are doing this but just a reminder: Amazon Coins can only be used for apps or in-app purchases in the Amazon Appstore.
  3. Apple: MacRumors reports that Apple is preparing fir iOS 7.1.2 update and would likely be addressing email encryption and iMessage issues. The iMessage issue is likely to be the troubling one for users. When you switching away from the iPhone to another device and not having their phone numbers disassociated from iMessage, there will be lost messages.
  4. Bitcoins: If you are a developer for bitcoin, you can be taking weeks to make the bitcoin technology to work with your app. Chain is a new startup that is trying to change that by create bitcoin infrastructure as a service. So developers can make apps build on top of the bitcoin technology within days. Think Chain as Parse for bitcoin.
  5. eBay: Online marketplace eBay has been hacked. A database with 145 million records of customer names, passwords and other personal data have been compromised. While data for its money-transfer service, PayPal is safe and well contained in another location. However, many users are angry with how slowly the firm is dealing with the problem because this hack happened two months ago.
  6. Facebook: Facebook launches “audio recognition” for iOS and Android. Now when you are typing in your status and if you are listening to any music, Facebook will attempt to find out the music title. The good thing is that this is an opt in feature. The question is how much do you want Facebook to know about you?
  7. Flipkart: Flipkart, think Amazon of India has acquired an online fashion store Myntra for $300 million.
  8., an E-commerce giant in China beings trading on NASDAQ today. The IPO price is set at $19 per ADS and is expected to raised about $1.78 billion. The share structure is pretty similar to other big Internet companies, the founder and CEO remains in control even after the IPO via special shares that grant him extra voting rights. Note: The 2nd largest shareholder in this company is Tencent.
  9. Wumi: Remember Mimi, the clone of Secret app in China? They decided to do a complete redesign of the app and a new name called “Wumi”, which translates to “No Secrets”.
  10. Secret: The real Secret has launched its Android version and is available worldwide. There is also a Friend stream feature that is exclusive to Android. The feature reduces the stream to only your friends. You still won’t know their identity, but your feed won’t be filled with Secrets in other towns. I’m pretty sure “Wumi” will have this feature soon.
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