Nightly May 21

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  2. Dropbox: The cloud-storage service has purchased photo-startup Bubbli for its 3D-photo stitching technology. No numbers were given.
  3. Facebook: The social network has roll out its auto-play video ads to more countries. These are 15-second video ads that plays without sound until a user clicked on them, at which point they expand into full-screen view and play with sound. Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK will be the first to “enjoy” the ads.
  4. Google: Google is now the “Most Valuable Global Brand” in 2014 according to survey by a top notch research company Millward Brown. The brand is expected to be valued at $159 billion. The second place goes to Apple with a brand value at $148 billion. Note: From 2011 to 2013, Apple has been the leader in brand value for the same study.
  5. Google: Google’s optometrist says that Google Glass can cause discomfort to your eyes. There are two reasons; 1. The display is on the upper-right which is an unusual position for the eye. 2. Glass is designed for micro-interactions but users are staring it at length.
  6. Lenovo: Lenovo is still the number two smartphone brand in China despite the rise of Xiaomi. In the latest earning report, the company announced that it sold 50 million smartphones globally full-year 2013.
  7. Microsoft: Microsoft launched a lighter and better performing Surface Pro 3 powered by Intel chips. It has a 12-inch display and a new kickstand that allows you to transform the device between tablet and laptop mode. The base model starts starts at $799 for an Intel Core i3 CPU and a 64GB SSD. Note: keyboard is to be sold-separately.
  8. My Republic: Singapore-based telecommunications and fibre operator MyRepublic has received $3.5 million in funding from Indonesian energy company Dian Swastatika Sentosa (DSS) in return for 5.9 per cent ownership in the company. This puts MyRepublic valuation at $60M valuation.
  9. Podcast: This week, Chris and I sat down and talk about Microsoft in Home Automation and Xiaomi “The China Apple”.
  10. Self Driving Cars: Starting on September 16, you will see self-driving cars in California’s public road. This is part of a pilot test program and an operator will remain in the driver’s seat at all times during the test.
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