Nightly May 20

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  2. Amazon: Amazon just invested its first Chinese company. Yummy77 is shanghai-based company that provides fresh food to customers across China. The investment is worth $20 million and it will continue to operate as a standalone company.
  3. Apple: Apple has a new retail chief, Angela Ahrendts. She has three key focus for Apple Retail: China, mobile payments and an even better Apple Store.
  4. Facebook: Facebook strike a $500 million deal with Publicis Groupe, the world’s No. 3 Ads holding company. This gist of the article shares that Facebook will share their data on what they know about you in exchange for detailed campaign metrics.
  5. GoPro: Wearable camera-maker GoPro has filed documents for a public share sale in the US. It is expected to raise at least $100 million and the funds are to be used for repaying debt and future acquisitions.
  6. Google: Google brought Divide, an Android app that lets you securely access corporate documents and email from your phone. It’s kinda of like the BlackBerry’s Mobile Device Management software but for Android.
  7. Microsoft: China has decided that Windows 8, is to be banned from government computers. The reasons given were security issues and energy-saving efforts.
  8. Samsung: Remember last week, Samsung announced they will rebrand the world’s busiest international airport for their marketing effort on S5. The Verge went and took some photos. It’s not all Samsung, you can still see ads from Nokia, Microsoft and Amazon.
  9. Twitter: There is a rumour that Twitter is considering to buy SoundCloud. This is Twitter’s second attempt into music services, just this march it shuts down on its music app. An interesting data point is that Twitter users share 2.5 times more SoundCloud links than any other music service, including Spotify.
  10. Xiaomi:Xiaomi saw its quarterly shipment total surpass the 10 million mark for the first time, and the vendor only trailed international brands Samsung and Apple for smartphone shipments in the local China market.
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