Nightly May 19

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  2. Airbnb: Remember last week, Airbnb adds “last minute booking” to its service? Today, the company introduced “Experiences”. Experiences is a service where Airbnb’s “hosts” can bring you for a guided tours, nature hikes and even bike excursions. This service add valuable revenue stream to Airbnb and also create a more wholesome experience for its guests.
  3. Facebook: Business Insider reports that Facebook just added a button that lets you ask your friends if they are single.
  4. ProtonMail: This is a email service where Telegram meets Snapchat. ProtonMail is a Swiss-based email service that adds end-to-end encryption to your mail. This means there will be no NSA spying. In addition, you can set an optional expiration time on ProtonMail’s encrypted emails, so they will be automatically deleted from the recipient’s inbox once they have expired. This way there are no “trails” of sent messages. I tried the service and currently it only gives you a storage of 100MB and the UI looks like the old Outlook so I doubt this service will go mainstream.
  5. Microsoft: According to the article, Microsoft Research has published an extensive document that details the company’s plans for ink-based computing but also happens to show screenshots of what appears to be the first glimpse at a truly touch-first Office interface. The screenshots looks pretty sleek.
  6. SexyMandarin: SexyMandarin is an Hongkong-based online learning platform that uses sex appeal to educate consumers Mandarin. The company is also looking to introduce a new service call “Spicy Japanese”. There is nothing innovative about the service but I thought the business idea is pretty interesting.
  7. SoundCloud: The Germany-based SoundCloud is one of the most-used music stream app among the emerging markets in Asia according to a survey ran among 700 smartphone users in Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Vietnam. Personally, this is also my go-to music app.
  8. Twitch: Google’s YouTube offers to buy Twitch, a video-streaming portal for eSports and video games for $1 Billion. Twitch claims to have more than 45 million monthly users, with more than 1 million members who upload videos each month. The deal is also expected to be an all-cash offer.
  9. Xiaomi: After Singapore, Xiaomi is going after Malaysia. To mark the launch of Xiaomi’s handsets in Malaysia, the company has also released a custom theme in its store with the KL Towers as the wallpaper. In addition, The 16GB version of the Mi 3 will retail for RM889 ($277) unlocked.
  10. Yahoo!: Yahoo updates it Mail app for Android. The app is like an all-in-one, you can check mails, read news, catch up on sports, watch videos and browse Flickr, all in the same place, without the hassle of switching between apps.
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