Nightly May 16

  1. Special Announcement: Entrepreneurs, listen up! This June, top-notch investors and technopreneurs like Dave McClure, Eren Bali, Pieter Kemps and Cheryl Yeoh, will be in Singapore for Asia’s leading tech conference Echelon 2014! Don’t miss this golden ticket! I have secured a 10 percent discount from Elaine (e27)! Just click on the link to find out more.
  2. Alibaba: The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has expedites action to take down products flagged as fake on its site ahead of its IPO. Counterfeit goods have been a problem for Alibaba and it cost the company about $16.1 million a year to deal with it.
  3. Bitcoins: Halsey Minor, founder of technology review site Cnet is launching his new venture. is a low cost bitcoin payment platform that aims to convert bitcoin into money that mainstream users know and trust. Bitreserve’s bitcoin are denominated in dollars, euros, yuan, yen and pounds.
  4. Foursquare: Foursquare’s new app Swarm is live on App Store and Google Play. This app is for “checking in” and sharing where you are with friends. There’s also a messaging feature added to Swam. The original Foursquare app will become a Yelp competitor.
  5. Google: Google launched the ‘Live Results Map’ and ‘Live Counting Day YouTube Newscasts’ to keep the citizens of India and many others in various countries updated on the General Elections results. I can see that Internet is playing an unprecedented role even in elections.
  6. Google: Google Now will scanned your emails to find bills and send you a reminder if it is up for due.
  7. Makerbot: 3D printing firm MakerBot is bringing a downloadable Sesame Street figurine to its digital store. For $1.29, you can download the 3D file and print it out with a MakerBot’s 3D printers.
  8. Microsoft: Microsoft gets into the home automation with Insteon, a fee-free home automation network that’s long been popular with hobbyists. Starting June 1, an enhanced version of the Insteon app with exclusive features will be made available for Windows Phone 8 devices, along with any tablet, laptop, or desktop running Windows 8.1.
  9. Pinterest: The Photo pin-up site, Pinterest has raised a new $200 million round of funding that gives it a valuation of $5 billion. The company had raised a total of $764 million but as yet to make profit so far.
  10. Samsung: Starting next Monday, Samsung will rebrand Heathrow’s busiest hub to ‘Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5’. Every area of the terminal will feature the “Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5” moniker, with all the signage and digital screens promoting the handset and projecting images of it.
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