Nightly May 15

  1. Special Announcement: Entrepreneurs, listen up! This June, top-notch investors and technopreneurs like Dave McClure, Eren Bali, Pieter Kemps and Cheryl Yeoh, will be in Singapore for Asia’s leading tech conference Echelon 2014! Don’t miss this golden ticket! I have secured a 10 percent discount from Elaine (e27)! Just click on the link to find out more.
  2. Apple: Despite having lots of speculation on the Apple-Beats deal from famous bloggers and news sites, the $3.2 billion deal has yet to be signed. According to Recode, the deal will only be finalized until next week.
  3. Bitcoin: A restaurant in KL called Nasi Dagang Capital became the first restaurant in Malaysia to accept bitcoin payments. This is another sign that bitcoin awareness is spreading in Southeast Asia. Currently, the bitcoin price is hovering around $450 range.
  4. Facebook: Facebook has begun testing a new feature in its iOS app that feels like Google Now meets Foursquare. When you check in with your Facebook app, a card will pop out and it can help you discover information about where you are or what to do next. This is getting a bit creepy.
  5. Flappy Bird: Flappy Bird will be back this August. The creator Dong Nguyen told CNBC that the new version will have multiplayer, and that it “will be less addictive.”
  6. Mozilla: The open-source browser has reluctantly build support for Encrypted Media Extensions so people can watch video from sites like Netflix over the Web. The company is doing this because “Supporting it is better than losing Firefox users.
  7. OnePlus: According to Android Central, OnePlus CEO Peter Lau had confessed how they’ve been able to bring high-end features with Nexus-like pricing in the OnePlus One smartphone. The company is able to do so because “they are selling the phone at cost”.
  8. Samsung: In the new version of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, it will be updated with Samsung’s own Tizen OS rather than Android. There is a 4 minute Tizen preview video in the article and the new watches look pretty sleek. Looks like Samsung is starting to build it own platform.
  9. Shazam: The music-identification app, Shazam has received investment from Warner, Universal and Sony. Each of the investment is worth $3 million and Shazam is expected to be valued at $500 million. There is also a rumour that Apple will add Shazam in its next iOS update.
  10. Xiaomi: The smartphone company has announced its first tablet “MiPad”. The tablet comes with a 7.9-inch display, a high resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 which is the same as an iPad Air and powered with a NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 chip. There are two models. The 16 GB version will cost $240, the 64 GB version will cost $270 (S$350). There is no released date but I’m already looking forward to get one.
  11. Xiaomi: The MiPad wasn’t Xiaomi’s only announcement today. The company also introduced a 49 inch $640 (S$800) Android powered 4K TV. Folks in China will be able to order one on May 27th, but for the rest of us, the alternative is to go Taobao.
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