Nightly May 12

  1. Echelon: Want to get a further 10 percent off Echelon, Asia’s leading tech conference, happening this June 2014? Use this link!
  2. Apple: Despite legal battles still going on in the background, Apple is still rather dependent on Samsung. According to market researcher DisplaySearch, 62% of of the screens Apple used in the 9.7 inch retina iPads and shipped in Q1 2014 were provided by Samsung Displays. The remaining were provided by LG Display.
  3. Apple: Apple has just hired Ari Partinan, the man behind innovative camera technology on Nokia’s Lumia phones. He was the one who invented the PureView technology that powered Lumia 1020.
  4. Facebook: Remember Snapchat clone ‘Poke’ and Instagram clone ‘Camera’ from Facebook? The company has removed the two apps from the App Store.
  5. Google: If you are using the experimental Chrome Canary browser for Mac, you can now open local Mac files using Chrome apps in Finder. When you right click and choose “Open With”, you will see Chrome apps in there. This brings Google one step closer to replacing desktop functionality with its browser.
  6. Google: There is a new “leaked” design of Gmail. I like it a lot. It looks so much cleaner and Google has done away with the tab system.
  7. Intel: Intel has just paid $30 million for an Israeli clone of Siri, named Ginger. Currently, the team has 16 members. This is the founder’s fourth exit. Very impressive.
  8. Microsoft: Another rumour on “Surface Mini”! The device is likely to be powered by a Qualcomm chip – a first for non-Pro “Surface” models.
  9. Oracle: In 2012, Oracle sued Google for the use of Java in Android’s mobile operating system. Today, Oracle has successfully won the appeal against the decision that prevented it from pursuing “copyright claims against Google for for the parts of Java that it used in creating Android.”
  10. Xiaomi: Xiaomi is looking to launch its first tablet, “MiPad”. It is expected to be the same size as iPad Mini. Smart move.
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