Nightly May 9

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  2. Apple: Another dummy iPhone 6 leaked. This time the photos show that the device will come in a much curvier design.
  3. Apple: Reuters is reporting that the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen will be released this August while a 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be out this September.
  4. Apple:Andrew Vyrros, who led development on iMessage and FaceTime at Apple, has left to join messaging startup Layer. Based in the US, Layer allows developers to add chat features to their app with only ten lines of code. It also provides push notification services, cloud sync, offline storage, and most other services a message app would need.
  5. Delicious: The social bookmarking site is changing hands again. In 2005, Yahoo bought it, and now, it seems to be have collected some dust. In 2011, YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s Avos systems purchased the site from Yahoo. And now it’s Science Inc.’s turn. No price was stated.
  6. Facebook: The company has launched a new tool! Facebook Audience Insights, which is available within Ads Manager, will give marketers a look into marketing messages according to trends. Currently this tool is only available in the US.
  7. Instapaper: Instapaper has launched a big update today. It has also added a key feature on text highlighting. When you select a passage in Instapaper, it automatically goes to your Highlights folder, a running list of everything you’ve stored. You can also choose to automatically tweet what you highlight, or send it to Evernote or Tumblr.
  8. Momo: A Chinese dating app Momo is planing for its IPO in the US. It is estimated to be valued at $2 billion, and currently, it claims to have 100M registered users with 35M monthly active users on board. It’s also one of the most popular flirting app in China.
  9. Pager: Meet Pager, or a “Uber For Doctors”. The service is currently only available in New York. When you are sick, you open up Pager and “uber for a doctor”. A nearby doctor will visit you for $300. Currently, there are 20 doctors that have signed up for the service. Interesting fact to note is that the founder of Pager was part of the team that built Uber.
  10. Snapchat: The FTC has found Snapchat guilty of misleading users about their data collection policies. According to the article, there was no monetary penalty but FTC will monitor the company’s behaviour for the next 20 years. What a joke.
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